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T-Mobile loses subscribers, again

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 04 Aug 2011 4:55 User comments (11)

T-Mobile loses subscribers, again Every quarter it seems that T-Mobile reports customers jumping ship.
This quarter, the bleeding slowed, however, with the carrier losing just 50,000 customers of its 33.6 million large base.

In the corresponding quarter last year, the carrier lost 90,000 customers.

Despite the slow down, parent Deutsche Telekom said: "The contract-customer situation remains unsatisfactory, with the churn rate remaining at 2.4 percent."

Net prepaid subs rose by 231,000, showing that many users are moving to the great prices T-Mobile has for pre-paid.

AT&T has bid $39 billion to purchase T-Mobile, pending anti-trust issues.

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11 user comments

14.8.2011 17:01

Well yea, they don't want to have AT&T..

24.8.2011 17:48

Sprint just lost over 100,000 subscribers last quarter and T-Mobile losing 50,000. Meanwhile AT&T and Verizon gained 1.3 million customers between them. Looks like we'll be down to a 2 carrier duopoly pretty soon here in the US.

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34.8.2011 17:51

I have been with T-Mobile since 2002. If AT&T do take over I will be gone, heading to Sprint. Verizon sucks (for me), as long as Sprint keeps the unlimited no slow down data thing next year and AT&T wins then I am gone...

44.8.2011 21:40

metro and cricket have cheap no contract phone thats why cricket have good service metro is wack

54.8.2011 22:30

I would switch to T-Mobile if it were not for the fact that I am afraid that AT&T will buy my contract (along with the rest of the company).

65.8.2011 03:44

Originally posted by harhumph:
I have been with T-Mobile since 2002. If AT&T do take over I will be gone, heading to Sprint. Verizon sucks (for me), as long as Sprint keeps the unlimited no slow down data thing next year and AT&T wins then I am gone...
Same here !

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75.8.2011 09:00

Originally posted by ZeusAV:
Sprint just lost over 100,000 subscribers last I FINALLY got away from T-Mobile with its Lack of signal... Billing errors on a month;ly basis ( but never in MY favor) and Its MINIMUM 1 HOUR HOLD TO GET THE BILLING ERRORS CORRECTED...
i had BEEN WITH THEM SINCE 1994- I switched to AT&T, got a MUCH better deal- Much better /Stronger network signal- although Billing errors... starting with the very 1st bill ( overcharged by $80, which was quickly credited... No long wait times to reach customer Service...
I Hope this helps

85.8.2011 14:16

Originally posted by hikaricor:
Well yea, they don't want to have AT&T..
People that dont want to go to AT&T are NOT going to renew their contracts. So of course they are losing customers, and I will be one of those next month when my contract is up, I refuse to go to AT&T.

95.8.2011 18:36

cricket and similar services have horrible stipulations.

unlimited data plans should be UNLIMITED. cricket lets you download up to 1gb then slows your connection way down.

i have heard net10 is the way to go. no data caps. however, according to what i have heard, net10 is a reseller of the larger networks. they buy bandwidth from big ones like ATT and sell it as net10. if that be the case why does ATT complain about needing more bandwidth when they could just stop selling it off and offer it to their customer base?

105.8.2011 23:27

My contract with T-mobile will expire next May. If AT&T does acquire them it won't be getting me! I haven't decided where I'll go. I'm not a big fan of Verizon and their non-GSM technology and their phones with Verizon mandated restrictions on their usability. I was a Verizon customer for over 20 years. Maybe I'll give Sprint a try. I'll save my trusty Nokia Nuron to use the next time I travel to Europe. It worked fine with a local SIM card. The phone also has free lifetime map updates from Nokia and is a good little backup GPS.

116.8.2011 09:06

I used Sprint before swapping to T-Mobile, and all I have to say about it is that I've never spent over an hour on hold when I need help from T-Mobile; I can't say the same for Sprint.

And I just can't give up GSM, I can't go losing all my numbers and such just because a phone messes up.

I've been off contract for well over a year now, I just paid full price for my phone. My bill comes out cheaper without renewing it, so overall I pay the same amount for about a year, but after that (considering the phone doesn't mess up and I have to go again) it's cheaper; considering contracts are a 2 year thing, just doesn't make sense to do it.

Anyway, so long as AT&T honors my current price/plan I'll be alright. $60 a month for 500 anytime minutes (unlimited nights and weekends of course) and unlimited web/messaging and the convenience of SIM cards isn't so bad; especially since a friend around here signed a new contract for the same plan and pays $80.

But even then I'm still highly displeased that this is happening. And still absolutely shocked it's even being considered and making it to whoever decides on anti-trust things.

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