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South Korean iPhone users sue Apple

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 17 Aug 2011 7:25 User comments (5)

South Korean iPhone users sue Apple iPhone maker targeted by thousands following location info gaffe.
In total, Apple is being sued by 27,612 people in South Korea. They are suing Apple for privacy violations, related to the collection of location information on the iPhone handset. Each is seeking 1 million won in damages, or about $932.

Attorney Kim Hyeong-seok filed a lawsuit against Apple earlier this was and was awarded 1 million won in damages.

Apple's devices stored information on nearby cell towers and WiFi hotspots for up to a year, without users' consent and even if location tracking features had been switched off. It was heavily criticized by privacy groups, who said the information could be used to trace the movements of an iPhone user.

Apple has not commented on the South Korean lawsuit.

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5 user comments

117.8.2011 8:51


ZX Spectrum 128K

217.8.2011 10:26

i hope they win and stick it to them

317.8.2011 15:03

They'll probably turn around and use the money to buy iPhone 5s.

419.8.2011 9:07

It's nice to see someone make Apple follow the rules too.

519.8.2011 10:41

Originally posted by ZeusAV:
They'll probably turn around and use the money to buy iPhone 5s.
Brilliant comment! Ha ha..... The thing is that statement is so true.

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