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Indian company unveils $99 Android tablet

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Aug 2011 3:19 User comments (10)

Indian company unveils $99 Android tablet Lakshmi Access Communications Systems of India has launched their $99 Android tablet this week, which it hopes to gain success within a market where iPads and Xooms are just too expensive.
Industry experts in the nation have long believed that tablets would outsell laptops and desktops, although Internet penetration still remains low.

Dubbed the "Magnum Pepper Tablet PC," the device will only have a 4.3-inch display.

"We have made it affordable, we have ensured it fits the pocket," says managing director Mahendraa Kumar.

The tablet will have 3G and Wi-Fi, run on a 800MHz processor, 4GB storage and include 256MB RAM.

Lakshmi will expand to more expensive (and larger) tablets in the future, adds Kumar.

The tablet will be the cheapest in India, under Beetel Teletech's brand new $220 tablet, Apple's $500 iPad 2, and Samsung's $800 Galaxy 10.1.

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10 user comments

119.8.2011 18:03

What flavor of android?

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219.8.2011 21:41

If it is any good, it will get all android versions just like the other good Android devices...but I have to wonder who would use one of these is the same size as a phone and it can't make is like an iPod touch, but without the storage (but at least there is no iTunes on it!)

319.8.2011 23:14

My Atrix is better than that and it cost me 99$ as well.

420.8.2011 03:46

Originally posted by plutonash:
What flavor of android?

520.8.2011 09:57

Sooooo, it's basically a wi-fi phone look-alike knock-off of something thats supposedly looks like something to shatter sales records of Google, HTC, Apple, and the like?

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620.8.2011 12:24

4.3 inches does not a tablet make.

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720.8.2011 23:54

Originally posted by klassic:
4.3 inches does not a tablet make.
No, "Tablet" has become a generic term for anything without calling. I guess my old HP iPaq is a tablet now...

821.8.2011 20:00

I guess my old HP iPaq is a tablet now...
Technically that's true it is; when I worked for Compaq when the first iPaq was made *just before the buyout that year*, they were telling us at the office it was a tablet PC. I surprised people still have those things.

922.8.2011 09:26

This is just another $100 ish dollar android tab, ebay is full of them already from china.

Spec page for 7" version (assume the spec will appear around here)

I cant see how its going to be fight off the imports... !

When it looks likey they are just rebranding ..

Also the comment about "Lakshmi will expand to more expensive (and larger) tablets in the future, adds Kumar." makes no sense as they list the larger tablets already and not the smaller one shown here ?

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1022.8.2011 10:40

Another product of modern day slavery?

It's cheap, nobody cares how come, right?

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