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HTC CEO: We are not running away from Android

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 23 Aug 2011 2:05 User comments (2)

HTC CEO: We are not running away from Android HTC's CEO Peter Chou has confirmed that the company will remain committed to Android following Google's decision to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.
Chou says it will "leverage partnerships" with both Google and Microsoft while at the same time creating something "unique in the smartphone ecosystem."

HTC has hired 1000 new R&D staff and will release 8 new phones by the end of the year.

The huge addition of new employees lead many to believe that the company is building its own OS, likely based off the Sense UI.

Says Chou:

This acquisition is more to enhance Google's patent portfolio, to support us, to protect us...It’s not the operating system, it’s the ecosystem…We think we can find a way to differentiate to add value, but at the same time leverage our partners, Google and Microsoft, since we have such a great relationship with them.

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2 user comments

123.8.2011 13:51

Ha did anyone think that they would run from android? And by that something unique is that a new smartphone OS? It'll be an interesting rest of the year.

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223.8.2011 21:56

I really hope HTC surprises us next week Sept 1st. Honestly they're really starting to lack any design innovations. My first and only smartphone was the Desire. Since then I've been waiting for something to come across that would really catch my eye. The Galaxy SII looks nice especially the specs, but really anything over 4 inches is way too big, and supposedly Samsung wants to go even bigger than 4.3".

Hopefully HTC will release a really thin phone for once, while keeping its build quality. And let's raise the internal memory HTC, 1-4GB of internal memory is pathetic. If nothing catches my eye after IFA 2011, I'll be taking a plunge on current phones. Not going to wait anymore for CES, MWC, and then a year or a half after just for the bloody phones to come to Canada if at all. (for once we actually beat the US with the GSII).

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