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QNX-based BlackBerrys will run Android apps

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 24 Aug 2011 1:50 User comments (5)

QNX-based BlackBerrys will run Android apps According to BusinessWeek, Android apps are headed to BlackBerrys, soon.
QNX-based Blackberrys, set for launch in early 2012, will have the ability to run Android apps, allegedly almost as well as they would run on Android devices.

The brand new BlackBerry 7 phones will not be upgrade-able to QNX, and therefore will not have access to Android apps.

Although the RIM PlayBook runs on QNX, it has not yet been given the "Android Player" necessary to run the apps. That technology will come built-in to the new phones.

The Android Market has 250,000 apps while the BlackBerry App World has around 45,000.

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5 user comments

124.8.2011 15:14

Pardon me but whoopy-shit. Another year? And the newest phones they're selling now AREN'T upgradeable.

I really don't think they care about 'surviving'. It's sad enough that I have to use that term in the first place.

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224.8.2011 16:17

I, as an Android developer, won't believe this until I see it.

And, of course, whatever the number of apps on the Android Market is, the BlackBerry won't get native access to it so, never mind...

"You know, it seems that quotes on the internet are becoming less and less reliable." -Abraham Lincoln.

325.8.2011 01:58

This is all getting really annoying...they advertised their tablet as having Android support before launch and a lot of people bought it thinking that it would have Android support. Now it looks like it will be another year at least...and their crummy smartphone lineup will just flounder.

425.8.2011 09:55

I don't understand why they continue to announce that these new devices will have support for the android market when their first announcement has yet to be since. Blackberry does seem to know what they are doing, all their doing is release new device after device and they aren't even upgradeable for some reason when the difference for one device to the newer one is just more on board storage.

525.8.2011 13:01

Late to the party. I have been a a BB user for quite some time now. BB used to be the standard, but now it seems to be an after thought.

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