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UK retailers already set to drop price of new slim Wii

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Aug 2011 6:42 User comments (3)

UK retailers already set to drop price of new slim Wii

Last week, Nintendo announced the launch of a new slimmed down Wii console, part of the "Family Edition" bundle, which removes GameCube support completely.
The console is 30 percent smaller than the original Wii, comes with a Wii Remote Plus + Nunchuk, Wii Party and Wii Sports and has an MSRP of 99.

This week, it has become clear that UK retailers are already expected to drop the price at launch, down to 79.99 or even lower.

A number of retailers have confirmed to MCV that the sale will last through the holiday period.

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3 user comments

126.8.2011 02:16

I hope price drop for wii is in the states as well since most of people doesn't play gamecubes no more.

226.8.2011 12:32

I find it humorous that 'suggested retail price' is being lowered long before the console hits the shelves. Seems to me to be a sad indicator of not only the state of the economy, but that corporate business' are commenting on other company's price points. I.e., retailers stating through price drops that they'll be damned if they get priced out of business.

Have we started to shift from a state of all-encompassing greed to survival mode here or is there an outbreak of common sense stating that people are tired of paying more for less?

Would be real nice if this phenomena crosses all forms of public sales.

326.8.2011 14:53

speaking of no gamecube games, i wonder if wiiu still support gamecube games and controllers? would be smart if Nintendo sell the wiiu that support gamecube games/controllers and another wiiu that doesn't support it that is if the console itself cost 350.00

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