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THX looking to expand to mobile audio

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Sep 2011 14:59 User comments (1)

THX looking to expand to mobile audio THX is looking to get into the mobile audio business.
The high-fidelity audio/visual reproduction standard is now looking to get phones and tablets certified, says senior VP Rick Dean.

Because most mobile devices now output to TVs, Dean says the company's audio team is "actively going down that path" in an effort to improve mobile audio.

There was no word on when the first THX-certified phones would become available.

Size had limited what the company could do in the past, but new compression and DSP tuning will improve on that, adds Dean (via Electronista).

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1 user comment

19.9.2011 14:55

Okay, Lucas Arts made a HUGE stick several years back when there was a huge flood of companies flooding THX labs looking for the allusive certification, at which point THX finally put the kibosh on the whole thing & only let some of the most expensive items truly adorn the THX logo on their bezel.

Now we're going to have a freaking phone supposedly THX certified? No. Dr Dre wants to stick hi name on everything, trying to convince the collective that his stuff is professional & we all know it's crap (most of us anyway)... and now you're trying to tell me that Lucas Arts is going to allow the THX Labs to certify a phone in a similar fashion? After all that crap in the home theater market?

Good luck with that.

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