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Samsung introduces solar-charged netbook for Africans

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Sep 2011 1:06 User comments (5)

Samsung introduces solar-charged netbook for Africans Samsung has launched a solar-powered netbook, aimed at the African market.
The NC215S is now available in Kenya, and the target market is the hundreds of thousands of consumers that are not connected to the national power grid.

Furthermore, the device is aimed at the thousands of consumers who are connected, but have sporadic outages.

The device will cost 35000 Kenyan shillings ($370 USD) and gets up to 15 hours of battery life.

Says Samsung:

With Netbook NC 215S Samsung is demonstrating its capacity to bring to the consumers technology that satisfies their needs and takes care of the environment.

Weighing in at just 2.8 pounds, the entire design is "slim" including the solar panel on the top.

Samsung says the netbook will launch in U.S., Russia, Europe and South Korea, as well, later this month.

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5 user comments

112.9.2011 1:34

Could've used something like this during my first deployment to Iraq. it's only 8 years too late. As a run around, I used a power inverter to charge my laptop and a solar trickle charger to charge my batteries on the HMMWV. Worked out okay.

212.9.2011 2:44

It is a great idea, but you have to wonder about the is small change to us, but when you can't afford to buy Sorghum to feed your family, someone with one of these looks like a millionaire does to us.

312.9.2011 18:43

It would be nice if they would make a phone that is solar/multi touch screen android phone. :) That be a great invention, I would make one but don't have the resources lol

Being nice always has its own consequences

412.9.2011 19:39

about time now incorporate it into mobiles and tablets

515.9.2011 9:25
Unverified new user

They launched this in Kenya just a few days ago and i am all for it. we have crazy inflation being caused by high oil prices in my country which hav not reduced much since the international highs of $145. crazy considering fuel prices have been going down for the past few months yet they are going up here. samsung should also incorporate this to their fridges and LED tvs..then these cartels can really shove it up theirs!

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