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Alibaba looking to buy Yahoo

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 02 Oct 2011 1:25 User comments (3)

Alibaba looking to buy Yahoo According to multiple sources, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma is "very interested" in buying Yahoo.
Says the chairman:

We are very interested in Yahoo. Our Alibaba group is important to Yahoo, and Yahoo is important to us? All the serious buyers interested in Yahoo have talked to us.

Alibaba is China-based and is one of the largest online marketplaces for business-to-business trade around the world. Additionally, the group has a payment platform, a shopping search engine, and cloud computing services.

Yahoo has a 40 percent stake in, and it is one of the company's biggest money producers.

To gain that stake, Yahoo gave its Yahoo China business completely to Alibaba and invested $1 billion.

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3 user comments

12.10.2011 14:12

Great... You mean to tell me my favorite email service has probably already been gawked at by Communist Chinese sympathizers for god knows how many years?

I should fall on my sword now & get over with...

22.10.2011 16:05

I'm okay with this, as long as I don't suddenly start receiving pro-Communist propaganda. Yahoo needs to be bought, and now, by a company who at least knows what they're doing. God knows Yahoo Inc. has no idea which direction is forward.

I use Yahoo! Mail as my main email address, and I honestly don't think they could churn out a Yahoo! Mail update that was more backwards than the most recent one if they tried.

32.10.2011 21:20

so ATT will be working with Canada company now? Yahoo dsl is ATT

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