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T-Mobile adds Bobsled VoIP service to Android, iOS devices

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 11 Oct 2011 2:58 User comments (1)

T-Mobile adds Bobsled VoIP service to Android, iOS devices

T-Mobile has announced today that they are bringing the Bobsled VoIP service to Android and iOS devices.
The service, which is currently for desktop only, was developed by Vivox for the carrier.

Bobsled lets users call Facebook friends for free from your devices, which include tablets and smartphones now.

Instead of having to type a number, Bobsled lets you hit a Facebook friend and call/leave voice message with the other user.

Additionally, on the desktop version, users can now make free calls to any mobile or landline device in the U.S. or Canada.

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1 user comment

125.10.2011 12:22
Jane Kronick
Unverified new user

Well the fact is already there have been so many VoIP applications for Android. Every tom, dick and harry have developed an app for Android. These apps have a very short role in the quality of calls. The most important factor is that of VoIP service provider. If you select a good provider (vonage, Axvoice and a few more) you will get good quality. If you try to run the service of some Garage company, you will get poor voice quality.

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