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Galaxy Tab 10.1 is available to Australians despite last week's ban

Written by Rich Fiscus @ 17 Oct 2011 9:06 User comments (2)

Galaxy Tab 10.1 is available to Australians despite last week's ban

An injunction barring Samsung from selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia doesn't mean consumers can't get their hands on one.
In a story reminiscent of the German Galaxy Tab ban handed down earlier this year, an Australian court granted Apple's request for an injunction preventing Samsung from selling the tablet. And just like in that case, consumers still have access to the tablet thanks to a steady supply coming from outside the country.

According to the Australian portal for GetPrice, a shopping comparison service, Australians can buy the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from more than a dozen different online sources.

Meanwhile, Samsung continues to file what can only be described as nuisance lawsuits against Apple. These suits, requesting the iPhone 4S be banned, revolve almost entirely around wireless patents which are covered by FRAND (Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory) licensing obligations.

FRAND requirements limit Samsung's leverage unless they can show Apple is refusing to agree to reasonable licensing terms. That was the message a Dutch court sent last week in denying Samsung's injunction request.

One interesting exception is Samsung's Japanese lawsuit, which alleges Apple devices infringe on user interface patents. It also includes claims against the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 in addition to the iPhone 4S.

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2 user comments

117.10.2011 15:18

these bans only stop retailers not overseas companies.

anyway with the whole of Australia going LTE pretty much these 3g phones probably won't sell anyway in Australia for too long.

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218.10.2011 01:03

This is about a tablet, not a phone...and the Galaxy Tab has LTE, unlike Apple products.

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