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Google promo indicates Verizon will be getting the Galaxy Nexus

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 19 Oct 2011 4:52 User comments (2)

Google promo indicates Verizon will be getting the Galaxy Nexus A promotional video released for Google and Samsung's new Galaxy Nexus smartphone seems to confirm it will be coming to Verizon some time soon.
The Galaxy Nexus will be the first phone to run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and is expected to be available some time next month.

At one point there was speculation that Verizon might be the only US carrier to get the new phone, but thanks to the announcement of both LTE and HSPA+ versions, it could very well come to AT&T and T-Mobile eventually.

Sprint is currently the only US carrier completely out of the running as they bet on WiMAX as the next generation data standard and won't have their replacement LTE network in place for quite some time.

What we can tell for sure from the video is that a Verizon version is in the works for sure. At one point, when the new notification screen for Android 4.0 is shown, you can clearly see that the phone is a Verizon handset.

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2 user comments

119.10.2011 20:08

So any news for Canada?

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220.10.2011 3:15

I think this Verizon exclusivity crap is just BS.
Verizon Launch Delayed..(rumors)

For-sale on 7 US carriers:

Sprint Welcome:

On Tmo by Nov. 19th ?

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