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Warner pulls new releases from Blockbuster following release window argument

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 27 Oct 2011 12:26 User comments (9)

Warner pulls new releases from Blockbuster following release window argument Blockbuster (now part of Dish Network), has been forced to buy new Warner releases on the open market, as the studio wants to expand its 28-day rental release window to the company.
Warner, and all the major studios, have had similar deals in place with rivals Netflix and Redbox for some time now.

With a 28-day delayed release window, rental companies get new releases 28 days after their physical release, giving studios one uninterrupted month for potential DVD/Blu-ray sales.

In response, Blockbuster has purchased new films like Horrible Bosses and The Green Lantern on the open market and made them available to subscribers.

Commented Warner (via THR):

They felt it was important to continue to offer day-and-date rental so rather than work with us they went around us.

The question is: how do we make ownership more valuable and attractive? We have started the process of creating a window in bricks-and-mortar DVD and Blu-ray rental.

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9 user comments

127.10.2011 12:31

Now they're standing up for themselves? Pfft.

227.10.2011 12:36

This is nuts,sure I may not like Blockbuster but now their going threw the same BS such as RedBox and Netflix on this crap. Its like Warner and other companies wants us to buy movies that may be Crap(like most movies nowadays) Whats next? Youtube to suffer this same fate with its Movie Buy and Rental System?

327.10.2011 15:47

Oh, the irony. Blockbuster was the one who originally pushed the studios to force a 28-day waiting period on NetFlix and RedBox, but not on Blockbuster, so that Blockbuster would have a 28-day competitive advantage.

Now Blockbuster's brainchild has come back to haunt them.

Decades ago, Blockbuster was founded on the brilliant idea that a video store should be clean and nice. It worked great. Since then, they have done everything possible to shoot themselves in the foot.

427.10.2011 17:55

nice insight sotired

527.10.2011 18:39

Has there been ANY proof at all that these 28-day waiting periods actually have boosted revenue at the studios? I don't get it, I and many others I know actually have no problem waiting I'm sure we are not the only people in the world willing to wait. So do they think by making it longer than 28 days that will help? that's just crazy.

Sadly for the these movie studio heads that's how I bought movies. I rented them and if I liked it I bought it. Making me wait won't make impulse buy. It will make me torrent it and then nobody makes any money.

628.10.2011 12:34

Originally posted by jookycola:
It will make me torrent it and then nobody makes any money.
Another point VERY well worth mentioning...

728.10.2011 13:01

The waiting period will not boost sales by much. Not much at all. IF at all. People are generally impatient when it comes to new stuff. Look at black friday. Stampede! LOL!

They'll go about finding what they want, via other means. Raise the price of admission to theaters, and people are sickened. They either find a bootlegger, or download it themselves. Myself, I'd rather see a decent movie on the big screen. Cam's are appalling to say the least.

People also realize they're being pushed into buying the movies. Sorry, but if the movie is $h!t, they're not gonna buy it. They'll wait the wait period, and rent it. Start making great movies again, and your troubles will probably go away. Avatar, I bought the collectors edition. Money well spent indeed! One of the best movies I've ever seen. Theaters could charge me 50$ for admission. If I believe the movie is gonna be worth it! Of course at that price, you better make me believe it ;)

Where has all the creativity gone...

To delete, or not to delete. THAT is the question!

829.10.2011 04:50

they think people will buy the movies right away... people rent movies to see if it's great then buy it, not the other way around.

929.10.2011 05:11

That's what I do myself. I suppose one could buy the movie, and then sell it on ebay used. I've done that a few times. The loss is generally not great :p

Did I suggest the other way around? I'm sorry if you took it that way. NOT what I meant LOL! That would just be ludicrous ;)

To delete, or not to delete. THAT is the question!

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