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Batman Arkham City for PC delayed, again

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Nov 2011 23:11 User comments (4)

Batman Arkham City for PC delayed, again Warner Bros. has finally announced the release date for the PC version of their hit game Batman Arkham City.
The console version for PS3 and Xbox 360 hit stores on October 18th.

North Americans will get the game on November 22nd with Europe getting the game on the 25th.

Developer Rocksteady had first said the game would be available on November 18th.


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4 user comments

19.11.2011 1:36

Wow what is the video of, I would be surprised if that was in game...

29.11.2011 9:35

It's CGI but I don't think it's "in game" rather maybe cut scenes. Anyway, that delay sucks as Steam offered this game to those that have the first one through them for 20% off making the game 39.99 for me. A deal I couldn't pass up so now I'm just anxiously awaiting.

39.11.2011 12:40

Yeah the game is awesome. Playing it for console and that is definitly not gameplay Truth be told It's Arkham Asylum with a much bigger footprint. A lot of riddles and challenges. Nice new features. I had to put it down cuz I got tired of it but I was only 15% finished. Long way to go.

49.11.2011 12:58

I put it down cause I hoping the PC version will let me customize the textures more. Want to see it with max anti-aliasing and max morphological scaling. *I also hopes it improves Skyrim cause so for on 360 it looks like kyfe*

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