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Nokia partnership sparks developer interest in Windows Phone

Written by Rich Fiscus @ 14 Nov 2011 12:35

Nokia partnership sparks developer interest in Windows Phone Windows Phone may not have reached their current goal of being the number three mobile OS with consumers just yet, but among developers the story looks a little different.
In a developer survey conducted by Appcellerator, makers of the Titanium mobile development platform, with the assistance of IDC, 38% expressed interest in developing for Windows Phone. Of those, the majority were specifically saw opportunities with Nokia's new Lumia line.

While that's still a far cry from Android or iOS, it's significantly ahead of BlackBerry phones, which interested just 21% of developers.

The other big winner in the survey was Amazon, whose Kindle Fire is seen as a hot commodity among tablets. Worldwide, compared to other Android tablets, it was second only to the Galaxy Tab.

US developers were even more enthusiastic about the Kindle Fire, putting it ahead of the Galaxy Tab and nearly as high as the iPad. The price, in particular, seems to be the biggest factor.

The Kindle Fire's significant pre-sales obviously don't hurt either.

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