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China is world's top smartphone market

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 23 Nov 2011 6:20 User comments (2)

China is world's top smartphone market Falling prices and drop in U.S. shipments push China to top spot.
Shipments of smartphones in China reached a new record of 23.9 million units in the third quarter, compared to 23.3 million in the United States which saw a 7 percent drop during the period.

The devices are becoming cheaper and more widely available in the giant emerging economy.

Compared to the second quarter, smartphone shipments in China rose 58 percent. Nokia Oyj leads the Chinese market with a 28 percent share of shipments during the quarter. It is followed by Samsung Electronics at 18 percent.

Wireless carriers in China have ramped up the amount of smartphones on offer, particularly devices running the Android operating system. Carriers also offer subsidies on iPhones.

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2 user comments

123.11.2011 9:43

The problem with China manufacturing all of our goods, (or a vast majority of it) is that they have no compunctions about stealing not only the technology of the product itself that they are making for us, but the manufacturing equipment at factories used to make them. How else do you think China has become the economic juggernaut it is today? Certainly not by the free flow of ideas and free trade. We handed them our orders, like someone orders steak at a restaurant, but they own all the grills and equipment. You think that all of that production capacity is only to satiate the American consumer? They have built up their own country at the same time as making cheap crap for us. Lol. One can't but help be amused at why people wonder why our economy is in the crapper. (Not so mention whine-ey people with an overwhelming sense of entitlement, our illegal alien issues, greedy corporations, corrupt politicians, and wall-street insiders.) Excuse my rant, it's just one of those days. =)


223.11.2011 11:15

Turn about will be fair play. Eventually self entitlement, the superior worth of the one above the multitudes will start to show, if it hasn't already. We over here don't get to see the whole picture. Plus, China is just now starting the same crap over there that the US has done to itself (I'm using a bit of deduction here).

Get several of the same commodities out to the public, kind of like a crack dealer. Stack it high & watch it fly. Right now people can't physically afford anything over there anyway, so monetarily China isn't going to show economic bazillions per capita like financial reports do in other countries.

Just like the US, it'll take about 40-50 good years to get a good greased up screwing to settle in on the Chinese people before they completely turn on their own government (economically). If they're lucky, due to the constraints of militant communism, even less.

But getting back to at least the idiot US, any country that sends the bulk of their technology to another time and space thinking they're going to save a bundle of money by screwing over the labor & manufacturing force really does need to have their nuts flattened with the rounded end of a ball peen hammer. Where do you think they were going to make up the slack in the money for labor?

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