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Fujitsu supercomputer capable of 23.2 PFLOPS

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 29 Nov 2011 5:44 User comments (4)

Fujitsu supercomputer capable of 23.2 PFLOPS PRIMEHPC FX10 capable of enormous computational performance.
Fujitsu announced the global availability of its new PRIMEHPC FX10 supercomputer, which is scalable to a top theoretical processing performance of 23.2 PFLOP/s (petaflop == 1 quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000) floating point operations per second.)

The PRIMEHPC FX10 improves upon the technology used in Fujitsu's K Computer, which was crowned the world's fastest supercomputer back in June (up to 10 PFLOP/s).

"By leveraging the new system, it will be possible to address societal challenges?including new drug development, disaster prevention, disaster mitigation, and other measures, to bring about a safe and secure society?and to pursue cutting-edge research, such as enabling the development and manufacturing of new materials without the need to make prototypes. This has the potential to help companies enhance their competitive edge." Fujitsu said.

In its largest potential configuration consisting of 98,304 nodes, 1,024 racks, the supercomputer delivers a high-speed, ultrascale computing environment with a theoretical computing performance of 23.2 petaflops and 6 petabytes of memory.

The new PRIMEHPC FX10 can be shipped to customers starting January 2012, scaled to their needs. Fujitsu hopes to sell 50.

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4 user comments

129.11.2011 8:06


229.11.2011 14:38

this is freakin awesome :D :D :D, Now I just need one lol :D

330.11.2011 6:49

Wow! I want one for PS2 emulation and HD video conversion..


41.12.2011 17:13

Can it run Crysis? hahaha

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