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Chinese court rules against Apple in 'iPad' case

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Dec 2011 19:36 User comments (6)

Chinese court rules against Apple in 'iPad' case Apple's China woes continue.
A Southern China court has denied Apple's claim that a Chinese company has infringed its iPad trademark. The Intermediate People's Court in Shenzhen heard Apple's complaint against Proview Technology, which the iPad-maker says unlawfully uses the iPad trademark in its products.

The court rejected this claim and pointed out that Proview lawfully registered the iPad trademark as far back as 2000 for products sold in a number of countries, including China.

Apple is betting heavily on the Chinese market, with executives saying that the company has not even scratched the surface in China when it comes to sales.

But the Cupertino giant has not had a very pleasant Chinese experience. It has had to battle counterfeiters in the region, who peddle millions of phony iPhones and iPads to consumers. It also has had to address the problem of fake Apple stores in the country.

Now a Chinese court has sided with Proview Technology over the use of the iPad trademark in China, and Proview itself is taking legal action against Apple for infringement, seeking $1.5 billion in compensation.

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6 user comments

17.12.2011 21:12

isnt another company other than this one suing Apple over the iPad name too?

27.12.2011 22:49

Apple is having a lot of problems in China because they are copying Chinese products. Apple could have called the iPad anything...but they chose to use a name that was already in use by someone else, just for the feminine hygiene jokes.

38.12.2011 7:37

lol when i think of apple these days all that springs to mind is:


But wait, are we really saying the all mighty apple ripped off someone else idea.. that would be a first wouldn't it.

48.12.2011 11:54

Gawd knows I don't want to defend Apple, but China being a trend setter in something? I don't see it. They're always knocking off everybody of everything & Apple doesn't seem to really stretch their technology until hackers take over their technology... then they prosecute the hell out of said hacker, steal their research & development, claim it as their own & charge 8x's the worth on a new phone that they sell that costs 4x's the worth 6 months down the road. THAT's their research & development business model.

China just seems to be just now learning the US's legal system & screwing Apple with it accordingly.

I'm serious when I said it is quickly turning into a bad SciFi novel of corporation turning into warring nations. You know, hiring soldiers to literally fire upon each others companies & burn them to the ground in order to stay in business.

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58.12.2011 13:30

@Lord Russ, all scifi is good in my books, that is as long as it stays as a work of fiction lol..

Maybe one day their will only be the corporation, once they have all swallowed each other up and just become one big conglomerate that RULES US ALL MAN.

Thats until the dam dirty apes takes over the earth.

68.12.2011 18:01

Originally posted by plazma247:
@Lord Russ, all scifi is good in my books, that is as long as it stays as a work of fiction lol..
I'm with you... Without Science fiction I wouldn't be talking into thin air to myself, looking schizophrenic to the world & people thinking I'm talking on a phone.

I'm not, but people think I am. Seriously, I'm just tired of idiots with money taking the worst of our science fiction writers & thinking those are the best things to start a pet project with.

"Oh look!!! Buck Rogers discovered the land of Jalapeno enemas!!! Let's put that in the next iPad!!!" Instead of the one where he came up with the idea for penicillin.

See what i mean?
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