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$99 TouchPad sale on eBay is live

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 Dec 2011 19:17 User comments (6)

$99 TouchPad sale on eBay is live HP has put their refurb TouchPads on sale on eBay for $99 + $19 shipping.
Over 2000 have already been sold.

Go now: HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB Refurbished | FB355UAR#ABA

Original Article:

On Sunday, starting at 6 PM Central Time, HP will be selling refurbished 16GB and 32GB TouchPads on their eBay store.
The devices will sell for $99 and $149 just like they did on the firesale days of a few months ago.

Additionally, the company will be selling a $79 accessory bundle which has the wireless keyboard, charging dock and a case.

There is only a 90-day warranty on the devices and sales are final, no returns. Users can only buy 2 per eBay account.

The tablets will be available at

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6 user comments

111.12.2011 20:03

Ugh I forgot about this... I was gonna buy one to put Android on it and use it for a Christmas gift :(

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211.12.2011 21:13
Unverified new user

If they are sold out why won't they just say so?

311.12.2011 22:51

yea they sold out pretty quick after this was posted lol. Dont bug me much as they wouldn't sell to Canada.

411.12.2011 23:42

$19 shipping that I heard doubles if you buy two. What the hell.

512.12.2011 11:40

You get what you pay for. HP is a good brand, but there's a reason they're only $99 dollars.

614.12.2011 15:23

why is this story still up. the sale was sunday.


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