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Intel to see lower revenue due to HDD supply issues

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 13 Dec 2011 3:22

Intel to see lower revenue due to HDD supply issues Intel has said this week that hard drive shortages caused by the major flooding in Thailand will lead to lowered revenue for the company in the coming quarter.
The floods in the nation have shut down factories, killed hundreds of citizens, and caused billions in losses for companies.

Additionally, the lack of supply has lead to a huge cost for consumers, where the average hard drive now sports a price 80-100 percent higher than before the floods.

Says Intel SVP Tom Kilroy (Reuters):

In the last two weeks, as the supply became more apparent, we saw a substantial change in our order rate. Most of our customers are concerned the shortage will continue -- especially through the early part of the first quarter.

Last month, Seagate noted that it expects prices to continue to go up and the supply chain to remain disrupted until 2013.

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