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Direct2Drive merges with Gamefly

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 28 Dec 2011 2:06 User comments (1)

Direct2Drive merges with Gamefly The popular PC gaming download platform Direct2Drive announced earlier this week that it is merging with GameFly, the gaming rental service.
Gamefly say it's working hard to make the process smooth, but there is one catch: Not all games will make the transition. A few titles that were readily available on D2D are not available via GameFly and Prima guides will not make the transition either.

As a precaution, D2D has told customers to download their purchases and guides to ensure they still have them after the merger. As for the games, D2D also notes that "Some older titles may not be available immediately after the transition, and will be added later."

The transition begins in January for U.S. gamers and it is unclear whether the service will ever make it overseas given that Gamefly is a U.S. service, only.

Subscribers will also be allowed to play hundreds of games, for free, with unlimited access.

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14.1.2012 12:58
Unverified new user

Not offering some of the games until later on (which who knows if that will actually happen at all), and not offering the Prima guides at all is not a good way to start out a new business relationship with the gamers whom used Direct2Drive before. In fact, isn’t it kind of normal when companies do mergers like this to provide better more options than before? What about the hardcore/longtime users, who may not have the hard drive space to download everything they had on Direct2Drive? This whole thing seems just a bit ridiculous. Not that it makes a big difference to me, I haven’t used Direct2Drive in about 2 years and I cancelled Gamefly a few months ago too when my employer, DISH, released the Blockbuster Movie Pass. It’s just simply better than Gamefly. I get the games by mail the same as I did with Gamefly, but I can also get movies by mail, take them in for in-store exchanges, and I get unlimited streaming, as well as a bunch of movie channels, all in the same package for $10 a month.

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