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Netflix customer satisfaction falls off a cliff

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 28 Dec 2011 2:57 User comments (8)

Netflix customer satisfaction falls off a cliff

According to the latest report from customer experience analytics firm ForeSee, Amazon had the highest customer satisfaction in 2011 while perennial competitor Netflix cliff dived.
The company says that Amazon and Netflix had been fighting for the top spot since 2004. This is the first year that either saw a significant dip in their customer sentiment.

On the 100-point scale, Amazon scored a solid 88, the highest score any retailer, ever. Netflix fell 7 points to 79 following a series of PR disasters. During the summer, the company arrogantly hiked the prices of their services and then tried to spin off the DVD rental business as "Qwikster." The company's stock fell from $300 to $50 as investors followed subscribers out the door.

Netflix saw a drop across the board, losing points in site content, site functionality, merchandise, and prices. Despite Netflix's drop, and Gap fell to 72 and 73, respectively, leaving them at the very bottom of the index.

The biggest jumps were TigerDirect to 79 and JC Penny to 83.

Chart via Crunch:

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8 user comments

129.12.2011 14:16

And this is what happens when you F*CK with us customers!!!! This is a prime example of big business trying to be BIGGER business at the expense of those GIVING YOU THE F'ING BUSINESS.

As for they rot in HELL! Ever do a comparison of and Hmmmmm?????

Tit for tat, item for item, they are virtually identical except Amazon is much much more expansive and just better!!!! is not what it used to be when they truly sold "overstocked" merchandise. Now they are just selling everything they can, overstock or not and mimicking

I wish that site would drop off the planet and go away.

229.12.2011 19:44

mmm passion leads to the dark-side yes

329.12.2011 22:47

Doesn't make any difference to me. I only want DVD's sent to me and the price for that hasn't changed.

429.12.2011 23:08

Originally posted by Gameman:
Doesn't make any difference to me. I only want DVD's sent to me and the price for that hasn't changed.

Well, most people want streaming...and since most of their content is still disk-only, increasing the cost to have both really feels like a f**k-over.

530.12.2011 06:45

I don't use the Netflix streaming, so the service to me has been as it always has. No complaints.

630.12.2011 12:35

The problem is I don't have any equipment that handles the streaming content so DVD is my only route and I like it better than streamking anyway.

730.12.2011 12:46

This is just like everything else. Look at a bag of potato chips, the regular size bag is smaller and more expensive. I was canceling right when they made the switch, which I do every 4-5 months. The only way I see myself coming back is if the give back what they took.

81.1.2012 01:45

i think another problem was that cable recieved the movie titles before netflix so it was a wash for most people wanting new content streamed i personally kept the dvds coming to me as they have a lot of older titles the stores do not have so it workes for me

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