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Netflix launching in UK with tons of promotions

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Jan 2012 17:16 User comments (3)

Netflix launching in UK with tons of promotions Netflix is preparing to launch in the UK this week, and the company will have an expensive marketing campaign alongside a number of promotions for discounted or free films and TV shows.
The streaming service will compete with Amazon's established LoveFilm service in the nations.

Netflix is expected to add new deals with Sony, Disney, Paramount, Channel 4 and ITV in the coming weeks to compliment the current deals it has announced with BBC, Miramax, Lionsgate and MGM. Popular British shows like Top Gear and Doctor who will be available to rent from launch.

Despite having a monopoly for years in the U.S. (no longer), Netflix will have a much harder time with its expansion into the UK. Besides LoveFilm, BSkyB and Blinkbox are also established competitors with good brand reputations.

Netflix has a lot invested in its UK service, as CEO Reed Hastings noted earlier this year that it would halt its international expansion until it can provide an "aggressively priced, compelling service" in the UK.

The digital TV and movie market is expected to be worth 379 million pounds next year, after being worth just 11 million pounds in 2006.

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3 user comments

18.1.2012 22:01

the app is on my PS3 now just not live yet I use lovefilm at the moment.

29.1.2012 11:36

You know, I thought about revisiting the last forum of a day or two ago where I highlighted a story about painting a huge dog turd candy apple red & cut/paste it in here. I suppose when I tell the story in a face to face manner it translates really well due to inflection, mannerisms, silly sounds & facial expressions.

Seeing as there were little or no retorts I can only figure one of few things... I got edited out, so other than the moderators, nobody [read] it. It simply wasn't that funny, it happens; not like it hasn't been written before or doesn't translate well across the globe. Some folks learned a shocking lesson to see the humor, thus the humor got lost; who the hell wants to comment on that? Or the "piece de resistance" there are a lot of cynical bastards out there like me that knew the story at the word "paint". I'm betting on the latter. [Basically, the story being... Netflix is a POS hidden inside a pretty wrapper.]

[S]o what does all this have to do with Netnuts? I would have figured that to be obvious. Call it first world problems. The same things we have here. Streaming issues, licensing issues, costs to delivery, basically SSDD. Are they going to think they are getting a value in a similar fashion having seen what we have been going through?

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313.1.2012 6:40

Never say in 20 words what you can turn into 200, right? I suspect that somewhere in that little diatribe is a complaint against Netflix but who cares here since all these be-lipsticked pigs are yet to be encountered in the UK?

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We once had a empire and it was led by an emperor then we had a kingdom which was led by a king. Now we have a country.

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