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CES: Victorinox introduces 1TB mobile SSD

Written by Rich Fiscus @ 09 Jan 2012 11:34 User comments (8)

CES: Victorinox introduces 1TB mobile SSD During the lead up to CES today, Victorinox is unveiling a new line of mobile SSD drives with capacities up to 1 terabyte. Victorinox is best known for their Swiss Army knives, but in recent years has added USB flash drives to their product lineup.
Fittingly, the new Victorinox SSD drives could perhaps be best described as the Swiss Army knives of mobile storage. They offer USB 2, USB 3, and eSATA compatibility through a single connector. In addition to the 1TB option, there will also be 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB versions available.

They will also be showing off their new Victorinox Slim 3.0 line of USB flash drives. As the name suggests, these drives feature USB 3 support. They will be available in capacities ranging from 16GB to 128GB.

As with all their solid state storage products, both new lines use knife bodies to protect the drive. The Slim 3.0 will be offered either with the standard selection of knife and tool blades or in a flight friendly blade-free version. The SSD drives will include both housings, allowing you to switch between them.

Victorinox Head of Electronics Andrea Huder said in a statement:

The Victorinox Swiss Army brand is synonymous with everyday "survival" tools and we continue to evolve our product offerings in the electronics division to provide solutions for living in a technology-focused world. The addition of the Victorinox SSD and Slim 3.0 to the flash USB line provides consumers with a quick and reliable way to store, transport and protect their personal and professional documents.

No pricing information has been revealed, but you can bet neither these devices will carry a hefty pricetag. The 64GB version of the original Victorinox Slim is offered for just shy of $300 on the Victorinox website.

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8 user comments

19.1.2012 11:50

1TB SSD drive... wow! The price on that bad boy is going to be scary, that's for sure.

29.1.2012 13:44

This is kind of exciting to see. First that storage of such size is increasing. Second it seems great when companies adapt and make themselves relevant in modern/current times.

I think besides the obvious price that might be a little prohibitive at first, i'm just curious what the read/write speeds and max concurrent operations will be.

310.1.2012 11:29

64GB = 300.00

128GB = 425.00

256GB = 699.00

1TB = 6999.00.............Just a guess though

On another note...........nothing like having a handy dandy Swiss Army Knife that has a flash drive for when you're computing deep in a cave or on the top of a mountain right????

410.1.2012 12:00

Strange if i get a 1TB SSD for a PC you can get one for $500 (US) on newegg right now... Checking for Victorinox on the web i found the price for the 1TB SSD (seems to be a USB flash drive connection) will go for $3000.00 (US). Might be me but seems like full of fail unless Victorinox changes there pricing. On top of that, looking at the picture, they are set in a swiss army knife holder, not rally practical from what i see.

See for yourself:


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510.1.2012 14:18

$3000 for a 1TB SSD drive... I just felt my right testicle shoot up behind my molars! It's going to take 2 Vicodin, a beer & a lot of gentle swallowing to get that bad boy back to where it belongs...

610.1.2012 14:41

I dont even know why someone would need that much space on a mobile device for. Unless they had a sh$t load of movies they wanted to watch on their phone.

Stupid questions are for google. Learn how to use it, because everyone has a stupid question every now and then.

710.1.2012 14:46

Originally posted by Dmite30:
I dont even know why someone would need that much space on a mobile device for. Unless they had a sh$t load of movies they wanted to watch on their phone.

Easy for me to see someone would have that much space, a "small" database for me is 500Gb.

825.2.2012 11:38
Unverified new user

Hello i like to know the price of victorinox 1TB SSD. and (its the 1tb storage device like a pendrive ah)?

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