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CES: Samsung unveils 55-inch Super OLED TV with voice control

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 Jan 2012 19:25 User comments (5)

CES: Samsung unveils 55-inch Super OLED TV with voice control Samsung has followed in LG's footsteps in unveiling a 55-inch OLED TV for the masses.
Differentiating the TV is its "Super OLED" panel which "has self-emitting RGB sub-pixels and is faster than LED," says the company. OLED panels will provide "accurate color reproduction and 'true-to-life picture quality,'" which was certainly visible today, say spectators.

The OLED display will "virtually eliminate motion blur," as well, notes Samsung.

Furthermore, the TV will include Samsung's newly introduced "Smart Interaction" technology, which includes an integrated webcam and two mics for motion and voice control. For example, you can turn on/off the TV, raise the volume, use some apps, facial recognition and even search via the built-in browser using the interface.

The TV will be powered by a dual-core processor.

Samsung says the OLED will be available in the second half of the year. The company wouldn't say, but expect a $10,000 price tag.

(Pics via Verge)

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5 user comments

19.1.2012 19:31

Put one of these in a room full of screaming sports fans and watch the hilarity and frustration ensue.

29.1.2012 20:43

Finally. The age of OLED TV's has begun. Before we know it, Plasma's and LED LCD's will be obsolete. All these companies were saying that 40-55" wouldn't come till 2013, so guess they're ahead of schedule or just trying to keep up with the competition? Now to just give it a couple more years for prices to drop. Judging from these pictures, it still seems to have that glossy finish (which is utter crap) that Sammy has used on their LED TV's lineup.

310.1.2012 0:46

My only issue is they slapped in a built-in kinect. Since I own Kinect, why would I want all the added features that no doubt help rise the cost of purchasing this TV. I really wish LG would have had a $ and release date for their OLED 55".

410.1.2012 10:24

Well nice to see it all start properly but it's obviously going to be feature-loaded to try & capitalise on a premium they'll try & built into the price.
Something that might possibly put the viability of the tech in mass production in doubt, I think.
The ideas that in today's economy a lot of people are just itching to pay premium prices, even for a better tech, is questionable to say the lest.
But nevetheless I expect it'll be 3 - 5yrs before it starts to get down to sane pricing, providing it survives that long.
Sony dropping out was not a good sign.
Here's hoping LG & Samsung do well with it.

I'm looking forward to seeing it, I hope it doesn't disappoint.
I really like my Panny G20 50" set & it'll have to be good to make me want to move away from that.

510.1.2012 11:46

This thing a word............tits!

I'll pay 3 grand when the prices come down. OLED is truly emerging but who knows if they truly fixed the 'longevity of life' issues that were inherent with OLED technology on large screens. I'm guessing not.........yet anyway.

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