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Hitachi selling 7200rpm 4TB drives

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Feb 2012 21:55 User comments (6)

Hitachi selling 7200rpm 4TB drives Hitachi has announced it will begin selling 4TB drives this month.
The new Deskstar 7K4000 hard drives will be some of the first in their capacity with 7200rpm spindle speed.

Xbit explains that the "model (HDS724040ALE640) boasts 4TB capacity and uses five previous-generation 800GB platters with 446Gb/square inch areal density, Serial ATA-600 interface, 64MB cache as well as 7200rpm spindle speed."

The new hard disk drives also use the 4K format.

Additionally, the company will offer Deskstar 5K4000 drives with slower 5400rpm speed. Those drives also use five 800GB platters and not newer 1TB plates.

For now, the higher capacity drive is available in Japan for 28800 ($377), an expensive price even with the baked-in "flood" premium.

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6 user comments

12.2.2012 15:29

Yeah................kinda want one.

Not at that price though. I'd rather get a top 'O the line 128GB SSD.

Now......bring that price down to 149.00 and I'm all over that!!

22.2.2012 15:43

wow! crazy

32.2.2012 16:02

I have a 3TB and drooling !!!

43.2.2012 13:56

I have 15pcs of HDD - 3pcs of WD & the rest Hitachi. Within the past 6 months, 5pcs of Hitachi failed & became unreadable with strange clicking sound coming from the HDD - 1TB X 1, 2TB X 4. I will not buy another Hitachi again. Now I use 2pcs of 64Gb SSD for the OS & the balance HDD for storage only

55.2.2012 0:26

Still too pricey for my rig. Gonna have to wait for another rich relative to leave me some cash again.

69.3.2012 9:14

I'm definitely all over that. Man, think of all the*important* files you could save on it...

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