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Ray William Johnson is a YouTube millionaire

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Feb 2012 20:34 User comments (9)

Ray William Johnson is a YouTube millionaire According to the Wall Street Journal, Ray William Johnson may be the first YouTube millionaire that isn't already a famous musician.
Under the name RayWJ, the 30-year-old now has 1.5 billion views of his videos on YouTube, and is expected to be bringing in about $1 million per year from YouTube's ad revenue share and from sales of his merchandise.

Johnson is famous for ranting about other videos (somewhat like the shows "The Soup" or "Tosh.0") and for bringing in famous comedians to guest star in videos. The viral star's twice-weekly show averages around 10 million views per week.

Because of his popularity, RayWJ is a YouTube partner that makes somewhere between $3000 and $9000 per every 2 million views.

For now, Johnson still calls his videos a "hobby."

Check some of his video's here: RayWJ

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9 user comments

12.2.2012 20:38

YouTube Monnnnay!

23.2.2012 0:59

i got a feeling he was behind the cartoons like the epiletic techno video and the rest of the your favourite martian videos.they are hilarious.

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33.2.2012 9:30

Never heard of him or seen any videos. I guess I'm in the minority.

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43.2.2012 10:06

Originally posted by RichardvonBacon:
Never heard of him or seen any videos. I guess I'm in the minority.
Minority +1

We once had a empire and it was led by an emperor then we had a kingdom which was led by a king. Now we have a country.

53.2.2012 10:33

Good for him. Once I get my animation company off the ground, I hope to cash in too. But like Bacon, I've never heard of this guy either, so I could seriously be shooting my self in the ass as well.

63.2.2012 10:35

+4 on not hearing him, but look at the numbers. 48 hours of video uploaded hourly if I recall. How can 1 person look and know about all the stuff that is out there? He got a following and was build upon from there. I will check this out and see if I like it or not.

73.2.2012 16:26

I found this guy on Facebook and I watch every so often. (I don't watch many youtube videos)
But, he's funny and his show is good.
It's called "=3"

Good for him!

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

84.2.2012 11:31

we already know he said it a while back

95.2.2012 9:53

Good that this guy has a talent that he can express. Shows that are catchy and capture your attention are the ones that deserve this revenue. Kudos to this guy and hope his success is long-lasting!!

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