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Windows 8 public beta to be unveiled on leap day

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 09 Feb 2012 9:45 User comments (4)

Windows 8 public beta to be unveiled on leap day Microsoft is expected to be releasing the first public beta of Windows 8 at the end of this month.
Microsoft has sent invitations to an official launch event for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, scheduled for February 29 in Barcelona. The timing and location will put it right in the middle of this year's Mobile World Congress.

That's not surprising considering the massive changes in Windows 8 are nearly all designed specifically for tablet optimization. From the Metro UI to advanced power management and ARM processor support, Microsoft is betting heavily on tablets being the next wave of personal computers.

Via BetaNews
Windows 8 Consumer Preview event invitation found on BetaNews -

Unfortunately the Consumer Preview ultimately won't give us a lot of relevant information about the tablets Microsoft seems to be counting on to make them relevant in the mobile market. While making a big deal about the new WoA (Windows on ARM) release, everything they have released for developers so far has been from the standard x86 branch and there are some important questions Microsoft seems to be ducking.

Of course, if you happen to have a Windows 7 tablet this should give you an idea of how all the new tablet features change the mobile experience. Otherwise, the main thing we can expect to find out is how Microsoft's focus on Metro UI, at the expense of the traditional Windows desktop, impacts desktop and laptop users.

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4 user comments

19.2.2012 11:15

Here's my prediction........this flaky, lame ass release of Windows is NOT going to be met with open arms.

I love new tech but have ZERO desire to even consider installing this on a machine I'm presently using. I don't own a touch screen computer and this is what it's meant for.

Windows 8 = Windows Vista = FLOP + regrets

Calculate THAT equation MS!!!

29.2.2012 15:34

Is it gonna have a new DirectX that won't be available for Vista/7 to at least force gamers to feel they NEED it?

39.2.2012 16:24

I highly doubt that. After all the only new DirectX there is 11.2. and it is pretty much based on Windows 7 but more efficient. How bad could it really be if it is Windows 7 but slightly faster. Plus the real intention is to support the tablet and touch screen monitors.

412.2.2012 21:25

it's bad it's really bad i am on the latest developers preview from microsoft's own site i can tell you the low down nasty.

1. windows 8 is always connected to the internet for anti piracy measures you cannot use a activation exploit if you do windows will check it's own system files find the modded ones and reinstall legit ones that require you to activate.

2. if you don't like i cloud you won't like windows 8 because now you have to have windows live id to use some of the features in windows 8 without it you cannot access it. is the big one and this ones a nasty they upgraded the digital signature support for drivers if the driver is not digitally signed it will not install in fact you will be greeted with a new warning that says.

This driver is from a unknown 32 bit version of windows it must be digitally signed to use with windows 8 please update your manufactures drivers to continue

there is tons wrong with windows 8 once 8 is released i am going linux

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