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Asus, Google 'Nexus Tablet' coming as soon as May?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 Mar 2012 22:02 User comments (3)

Asus, Google 'Nexus Tablet' coming as soon as May? According to industry sources, the Google and Asus 'Nexus Tablet' could be launched as soon as May.
Although the device is still unconfirmed, many expect the companies to team up to create the first Nexus tablet, a 7-inch device with vanilla Android and a price point that will compete with the 7-inch market leader, the Kindle Fire.

The sources claim the device will come with Android 4.0 and sell for $199-$249, which will put it in direct competition with the underpowered but extremely popular Amazon device.

Google had tried to co-brand with HTC at the end of 2011, but the company believed that such a low-priced device would cannibalize its other products. Acer was another potential partner, but the company did "not have in-house R&D capability." Asus was finally chosen for its strong brand image in the tablet market, and good product quality.

The tablet will also be the first to unveil a unified Google Play ecosystem that should rival Apple and Amazon.

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3 user comments

19.3.2012 22:56

just came...

210.3.2012 12:16

that would be awesome man!

310.3.2012 16:19

Originally posted by i1der:
just came...
LOL, hope there was a woman nearby man. But seriously, this is good news as these tablets will get cheaper with more features in them. Being competitive has its advantages sometimes.

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