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Latest iPad breaks sales records, says AT&T

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Mar 2012 3:31

Latest iPad breaks sales records, says AT&T Despite the claim by numerous analysts that iPad sales were light, both Apple and AT&T have said today that the new tablet is breaking records.
Apple CEO Tim Cook noted this morning that he is "very thrilled" with a "record weekend" of iPad sales.

AT&T for their part said that Friday was a record-day for iPad sales and activations, with new records for both.

Verizon, Apple's other partner on the iPad, has not made a comment on the tablet or its sales, as of yet.

Calls to most Apple stores will reveal the stores still have some stock of the tablets, eve though pre-order models were sold out a week before launch. It is unclear whether this is attributed to more supply of the tablets than usual, or weaker sales but for now Apple and AT&T are at least claiming that the new device is selling at a record pace.

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