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Kaspersky: Apple is a decade behind Microsoft on security

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Apr 2012 22:18 User comments (5)

Kaspersky: Apple is a decade behind Microsoft on security Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of security company Kaspersky Lab, had some choice words for Apple and its recent malware woes.
The CEO says the Cupertino giant is "10 years behind Microsoft in terms of security" and predicts that cyber criminals will create "more and more" malware for the operating system in the near future.

Kaspersky's words come after the Flashback trojan infected over 600,000 OS X users using a Java vulnerability.

Furthermore, the CEO says Apple will have the "same problems Microsoft had ten or 12 years ago. They [Apple] will have to make changes in terms of the cycle of updates and so on and will be forced to invest more into their security audits for the software."

Apple, for its part, knows that it will be an uphill battle against malware writers. As a strong step, the company has added a "Gatekeeper" feature to its latest OS X iteration, Mountain Lion. Gatekeeper blocks apps from running unless they are from identified developers or downloaded from the Mac App Store. You can enable all apps, of course, but the restrictive version is default out of the box.

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5 user comments

127.4.2012 5:33

No way not the mighty

227.4.2012 6:25

Regardless of fanboys or haters, the fact reamins Apple enjoyed resting on the notion not many issues with malware or hacks. Now they have the bullseye on their back. It will be intresting in the next year to see the attacks come in and how Apple chooses to respond or be, dare I say, proactive.

327.4.2012 11:37

10 years behind... sounds like the BACF area I live in...

Keeping with the subject at hand... I hope Apple listens to these vendors & doesn't play stupid as they always have. I.e., battery & antenna issues, because this kind of stuff never goes away.

44.5.2012 9:28

But Microsoft is a decade behind Apple in every other aspect.

54.5.2012 14:58

Originally posted by robertmro:
But Microsoft is a decade behind Apple in every other aspect.
if that were even remotely true we would see more apple computers out there than seems to be doubly hard to take criticism in this particular area.some call it i dont know,except no one wants to be told that something they paid good money for and are really proud of is crap.people seem to buy apple and pc for a variety of reasons,but the bottom line here seems to be that apple has been just slightly complacent about the security of their os.if any apple users can take any joy in this it would probably be that if the hackers are paying this much attention to apple products,they must be getting more popular and widely used.personally i wouldnt pay the kind of money they want for what you get.not denegrating apple users in the least but what this particular forumn comes down to is opinion.i just expressed mine.

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