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iOS 5.1.1 update fixes several vulnerabilities

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 May 2012 1:22

iOS 5.1.1 update fixes several vulnerabilities Update addresses three security flaws.
Apple just released the latest update for its iOS devices, v5.1.1, in which it address three big security fixes.

The first fix is for a flaw that allows for the address bar to be spoofed in such a way as to trick a user into thinking they are on a certain website, when in fact they are on a completely different site. The address bar should not be spoof-able for this reason, as spammers and malware peddlers could use this flaw as part of an attack.

The second fix is for a cross site scripting (XSS) flaw that could be used to recover session authentication data or other information stored legitimately by a website in the browser. Such information could be used to impersonate a user online.

The third fix is for a remote code execution bug that could be used to push malware or other nasty code to your device without you even knowing about it, just by landing on a page that was crafted to exploit the flaw.

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