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Russian 'Anonymous' take down Kremlin sites

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 May 2012 12:31 User comments (1)

Russian 'Anonymous' take down Kremlin sites A group claiming to be the Russian branch of 'Anonymous' has taken down the websites of the Kremlin.
The group also claimed responsibility for shuttering sites linked to the Russian president.

More specifically, the sites and президент.рф have been unavailable for periods although as of posting both seem to be available.

The group tweeted this morning that " - TANGO DOWN." Additionally, the company posted screenshots showing the site down across the world.

Although no one claimed responsibility, the Russian Federal Security Service wesbite,, has seen sporadic outages as well today, says RT.

The Kremlin responded to the attacks: "We received threats from Anonymous several days ago but we can't confirm it's exactly this group that attacked the website. At the moment we can't establish who's behind the attack. Unfortunately we live at a time when technology security threats have mounted, but we have the means to resist them."

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1 user comment

19.5.2012 12:48

I don't know if it is the English translation or if it's just me, but does that almost sound like the old 'cold war' statement the US used to get? The "we have the means to resist" statement?

Maybe I'm just being weird. All this economy & rebellion stuff going on...

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