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Google to buy Raspberry Pis, more for computer teachers in England

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 May 2012 13:43 User comments (1)

Google to buy Raspberry Pis, more for computer teachers in England Thanks to a new partnership between charity Teach First and search giant Google, English teachers specializing in computer science will receive free "teaching aids, such as Raspberry Pi's or Arduino starter kits".
Google's chairman Eric Schmidt said thanks to the investment, the UK will no longer risk "losing a generation of scientists."

Schmidt has openly criticized the UK's move away from teaching how to create software and moving more on how to use it.

Says the chariman: "Put simply, technology breakthroughs can't happen without the scientists and engineers to make them. The challenge that society faces is to equip enough people, with the right skills and mindset, and to get them to work on the most important problems."

Teach First takes "exceptional" grad student teachers and puts them in a six-week training program "before deploying them to schools where they teach classes over a two-year period," says the BBC.

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11.6.2012 20:38

I think rocketing tuition costs, student loans, and student loan interest rates are doing more to kill our supply of engineers and scientists than lack of Raspberry PIs.

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