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Nintendo to keep Wii U name?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 May 2012 10:37 User comments (2)

Nintendo to keep Wii U name? Although Nintendo has suggested they are looking to change the Wii U name to avoid confusion amongst buyers, they are running out of time to do so.
The console will be officially unveiled at the E3 event next month, and for now Nintendo has been done little to imply a new name is coming.

Over the weekend, Nintendo added the Wii U logo to its official press site and gave the console its own official Facebook page, as well. Of course, these can be changed in the near future but that begs the question of why Nintendo would add them in the first place with E3 so soon.

Before the Wii launched, the console was known as the 'Revolution,' but Nintendo switched the name six months before release. The Wii U is set for a November release.

Nintendo has had a rough year following the release of the 3DS handheld, which many believe had too similar a name to their previous generation handhelds to differentiate, along with much too high of a price tag.

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2 user comments

131.5.2012 16:50

Wii U is an awful name. Every Nintendo fan I know has chastised Nintendo for choosing that name...a change would be in their best interest, I think. Seriously, I honestly dont even want to buy it because of the name alone. Revolution was an awesome name, still have no idea why they went with Wii.

231.5.2012 18:52

Nintendo revolution? no

Go to game stop and ask : Do you have revolution in stock?

sounds weird

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