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Apple retail employees to get a raise

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Jun 2012 23:28 User comments (5)

Apple retail employees to get a raise Apple has begun raising salaries for its retail employees, depending on their market and performance.
The raises are up to 25 percent and will begin with July's paychecks.

Employees had often complained about their wages during internal reviews, with 'Genius' techs being the most frustrated.

The average employee makes between $9 and $15 per hour with some 'Geniuses' getting up to $30 on rare occurrences.

Apple currently has 357 stores, and is actively expanding. 70 percent or so are here in the States. Sales in retail stores reached $14 billion in 2011.

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5 user comments

121.6.2012 13:07

Their employees should see what the people assembling iPhones make.

221.6.2012 15:36

Originally posted by KillerBug:
Their employees should see what the people assembling iPhones make.
EXACTLY!!! Somebody is making big money though...

Just my $0.02,


321.6.2012 17:52

Originally posted by KillerBug:
Their employees should see what the people assembling iPhones make.
compare to other wages in their area. assemblers are paid like doctors. 6x the mean working wage in Taiwan.

422.6.2012 12:29

This is just a PR ruse. Don't let the article fool you. Having worked corporate they'll bury those raises in some form or fashion & probably force a bunch of those employees to vacate their jobs voluntarily.

No, I'm not bashing Apple, all corporations do it. All they want to do is validate the wage they're paying now & invalidate paying you more. SALARIED might very well get a raise, seeing as they don't get paid by the hour, they can be road like a horse & used like tissue. So throwing a paltry sum below the national average is nothing.

Hourly earners will be like pulling finger nails out. Chances are those individuals worthy of a raise will be offered a salaried position, as it's part of the expansion.

You see the managers are taught to say your job performance is ALWAYS "satisfactory". Despite the fact you show up 10 minutes early, ask if they need anything else before you leave. Stay 10 minutes after you clock out to 'lend a quick hand'...

Despite whether you get along with that manager or not, he/she is trained & penalized for NOT scoring you average or below. Even if the job you do requires you to virtually super human in order to get it done. When it comes to hourly, it takes an act of congress or the fact you have pictures of someone sodomizing farm animals for you to get a sizable raise.

526.6.2012 21:57

They probably had the interviews to get a handle on how come their profits have dropped. The produces probably left to where they were paid better. Those are Best Buy wages.

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