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Is Microsoft already working on the Surface 2?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Aug 2012 0:41 User comments (5)

Is Microsoft already working on the Surface 2? While the first Surface tablet hasn't even gone on sale yet, one report claims that Microsoft is already working on the sequel.
The Surface tablet, which runs on Windows 8 Pro for one model and Windows RT for the other, goes on sale on October 26th, concurrent with the launch of the operating system.

Job postings via Microsoft's Careers site seem to confirm the report, as the postings claim the "Surface 2 will be the latest in Microsoft's new family of PCs built to be the ultimate stage for Windows."

One such posting is for a mechanical engineer that is searching for an individual with "understanding of touch display architecture and experience in mechanical integration of large touch displays into electronics products."

More notably, the postings seem to imply Microsoft is looking to make the future tablets waterproof while using "alternative energy sources."

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5 user comments

18.8.2012 10:56

Why is this story a surprise? Considering it might take a year or two for development before being released, wouldn't you expect to see this?

28.8.2012 22:57

In fact, yes, I not only would expect it, I'd be damned surprised if they weren't already in development for Surface 2. Not only does R&D take a lot of time, it also shows commitment to the new hardware platform AND Windows 8 to the various 3rd-party software and hardware vendors out there.

39.8.2012 7:50

It's common in the motorcycle industry that they aren't just working on the next model to come out but also the one after that.
I would think that's common in a lot of industries.

49.8.2012 10:21

i guess apple is also working on ipad 5 or whatever and ipad mini 2. ^_^

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510.8.2012 3:55

By the time it comes out, tables will be pass.

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