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NBC sites temporarily defaced by hackers

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 04 Nov 2012 5:12 User comments (8)

NBC sites temporarily defaced by hackers

Earlier today, NBC was hit by a broad attack online, with many of its sites being defaced.
The company's mobile landing, its main Saturday Night Live site and its Rotoworld forums all temporarily had deface notices claiming they were hacked "by pyknic."


Furthermore, the hacker wrote that user info and passwords had been stolen, as well.

Guy Fawkes day is November 5th.

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8 user comments

15.11.2012 05:05

Maybe I missed something -- did NBC commit the unfathomable crime of forgetting Guy Fawkes? Oh, the horror. Clearly, they deserved to be hacked for that.

And then the tougher question: Is forgetting Guy Fawkes as horrible a crime as the redundant sentences this guy passed off as a limerick?

25.11.2012 08:21

Is forgetting Guy Fawkes as horrible a crime as the redundant sentences this guy passed off as a limerick?
... Do I really need to follow up with this? Obviously someone doesn't know the significance of that limerick.

35.11.2012 08:30

Don't know why hackers would follow this guy anyway.

the group wanted to kill the king so the group would run england really guy fawkes wasn't the only guy and really was the low end guy he only did the bombs.

Could you really see these guys/hackers being worth while really as a government all your info handed out so anyone can use it as they wish bet that would go down well maybe have the french deal with them by beheading them.

45.11.2012 10:24

here we go again yes we all need to remember the 5th of nov.
but can we say if not for the movie no one would know that line.... ok they have a point but is it time to launch a hack at the TV. shows network ... maybe they could really come up with a new fight like going after those that turned in your fellow hackers... oh but you'd need skill and talent plus some luck to take them on not a TV. company they don't even keep up with the latest news some of their stories are over a week old. they will get to the 5th around the 19th of dec. the 6th is the money maker in the usa

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55.11.2012 11:01

Yes, we all need to remember this big failure. What a edited by ddp idiot, he hacks these websites to talk about a edited by ddp religious nut case. Yes, lets remember, christians are not as good as muslims when it comes to blowing shit up. WTF is this retard talking about? Okay, lets remember the gay fawker that was a domestic terrorist and a edited by ddp coward that ended up ratting out his friends and killing himself, hmm, some faith, throwing it all away right before the end. I guess I'm just not sure what it is we are supposed to remember, and if we are supposed to for or against what happened, help, confused, lol

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65.11.2012 11:31

NBC sites weren't the only sites hacked. The Roxio software forums were hacked, too.

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75.11.2012 16:53

What the f**k would most Americans know about English history anyway? Guy Falkes was a catholic facsist who wanted to impose his will on us and failed. So these hacker idiots are saying what ? they want to get rid of democracy and impose their will on us, well lets do to them what we do to guy falkes every fith of November here in blighty !

Penny for the Guy anyone ?

86.11.2012 11:02

Jimathome is right, Fawkes is one of those misrepresented icons of history. In this case, a religious fundamentalist who wished to prevent democratic progress and turn the UK back to catholicism. But, like others (Che Guevara) is banded about by the ignorant as *almost* completely the opposite of what he actually stood for.

In the UK, the 5th is not only celebrated with fireworks, to commemorate the failed plan, but it is known as BONFIRE NIGHT and, traditionally, an effigy of Fawkes is BURNED atop a massive pile of wood. I don't think the message that sends out gives any illusions in all honesty...

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