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Is there a 7-inch Galaxy Note tablet coming?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 04 Dec 2012 11:46 User comments (6)

Is there a 7-inch Galaxy Note tablet coming? According to benchmark results, there is strong potential that a 7-inch Galaxy Note tablet is coming.
The device, the Samsung GT-N5100, has a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, runs on Android 4.1.2 and the display is a somewhat disappointing 1280x720 resolution.

If the rumors prove to be true, the device will ship with the S Pen stylus and the entire suite familiar to Note smartphone and Note 10.1 tablet owners.

Samsung recently released the Note 10.1 and manufactured the Google Nexus 10, both of which have been popular.

Offering a 7-inch tablet with S Pen may be the sweet spot as customers rapidly move to the smaller form factor as their choice for a portable device.

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6 user comments

15.12.2012 04:44

I don't believe it. Why would Samsung release a 7" Note when they already have a 7" galaxy Tab. Secondly, the Note devices are hybrids between a phone and a tablet. The reason they appeal to people is exactly because they have a large 5.5" screen yet they just about fit into your pocket and are also easy to hold as a phone. Any bigger and the Note could not be used as a phone and would simply be a Tablet like the current 7" Galaxy Tab 2.

Edit: Just to clarify here, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is NOT part of the 'Galaxy Note' Series, it is in fact part of the 'Galaxy Tab' Series.

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25.12.2012 13:50

nexus 7 ftw!

35.12.2012 17:14

It would be awesome if it had 32gb internal storage and a microsd card slot for around 300.00. Nexus 7 has a tegra 3, horrible processor. The quad core samsung devices are screamers, the best quad core I have seen (available to market as of yet). 2gb of DDR3 ram too please! I find anything higher than 720p is overkill for any device smaller than 17"

46.12.2012 08:33

Originally posted by harhumph:
I find anything higher than 720p is overkill for any device smaller than 17"

in fact, i do believe 1080p is not justified below 55" screen. if you ever use a 1080p 17" laptop and read some texts, you know what i mean. it is "practically" impossible to distinguish between 720p and 1080p in a small screen (<55").

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57.12.2012 14:46

You can say you need a 55" plus screen to notice the difference between 720p and 1080p, it all depends on how close to your screen you are on a 24" monitor its easy to notice the difference between the two, the same goes for the 17" screen next to it. If i was to move away from the screen and view it at tv distances then no i probably couldn't. Its all relative to viewing distance.

69.12.2012 20:17

Yep, I notice the difference on my 24" monitor if I'm sat at the desk but obviously not watching tv on it sat from across the room.

What are Samsung doing with the Galaxy Tab line? Are the Notes going to gradually replace them, especially if they are effectively competing with themselves by producing Nexus tablets?

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