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Apple loses 'iPhone' case in Brazil

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 13 Feb 2013 13:21 User comments (4)

Apple loses 'iPhone' case in Brazil Apple does not have exclusive rights to the 'iPhone' trademark in Brazil, it has been ruled.
Gradiente Eletronica registered the iPhone trademark over 12 years ago, and currently sells its own iPhone Neo One in Brazil - running Android.

Apple had argued that it should be granted exclusive rights to the iPhone trademark because Gradiente never released an iPhone device until December 2012. Apple can still sell its iPhone models in Brazil, but now Gradiente has the option to sue for exclusivity.

Apple can also use the iPhone trademark for products other than mobile handsets, and is expected to appeal the decision.

Gradiente's iPhone sells for 599 reals - about $196 - and runs Android 2.3. Check it out at

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4 user comments

113.2.2013 15:58

I bet Mr. Steevie Jobsy is twisting in his grave...what an "abomination", an "iPhone" running on Android:)! Priceless!

213.2.2013 16:45

Apple had argued that it should be granted

edited by ddp you Apple.

Something not going your way is it? Time to "argue" why you deserve shit. (And if that doesn't work, time to threaten legal action with your small country of lawyers.)

I own a dumbfone so I don't care one way or another, but WOW. Screw you Apple.

I'm just glad that people (including judges) are FINALLY waking up to the bullshittery of this sheisty company.
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313.2.2013 21:03

but now Gradiente has the option to sue for exclusivity
Sue them for all they've got!

414.2.2013 11:21

Actually if you read the article a little more closely, it is about the trademark, not the actual device itself, which then would be a patent issue.

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