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First leaked photo of the BlackBerry 10 Curve

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Apr 2013 23:05 User comments (4)

First leaked photo of the BlackBerry 10 Curve While BlackBerry has officially launched the Q10 (part of the N-Series) and the Z10 flagship (part of L-Series), there has been little stated about their R-Series.
Today we have the first picture of the BlackBerry 10 Curve, part of the R-Series.

The phone is rumored to have worse specs than the Z10 and Q10 (including less RAM) but will include the full keyboard familiar to BlackBerry Curve owners.

Perhaps most notably, the phones will be part of BlackBerry's affordable line.

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4 user comments

16.4.2013 12:36

if you talk about specs, even Z10 and Q10 are outdated compared to the other contemporary high-end smartphones. BB is too late to catch up.

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28.4.2013 9:18

That is just about the fugliest phone I've ever seen. Seriously? What is this, the 90's?

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39.4.2013 1:07

Believe me there are a whole lot or 2 thumb typing users like me out there. Of course we are from the Digital Diary era. At lest 2 of the applications, Contacts & Calendar, on my 3 year old low end BB Curve are even today unmatched by anything on the market. I would gladly upgrade to this device IF and only IF I have the option of making wifi my communication channel and the phone NOT requiring data service to be switched on.

410.4.2013 5:59

TOO little TOO late for a dying company. Z10 is old. Anything rim have produce are JUNK!!

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