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Sims 4 will not require Internet connection

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 May 2013 12:35 User comments (4)

Sims 4 will not require Internet connection The Sims 4 will not require an always-on Internet connection, according to EA and developer Maxis.
The launch of SimCity was marred for some users due to server errors which left the game unplayable. The developer, Maxis, insisted that the always-on Internet connection requirement for SimCity was necessary and not part of a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system.

After announcing the new Sims 4 title for 2014, Maxis and EA have confirmed that the game is a single player offline experience, which might come as a relief to some Sims fans.

Requiring that gamers have a constant Internet connection for single player games (or game modes) has been a controversial topic in the past few years. While most such requirements are part of anti-piracy measures, critics claim that they don't tend to halt piracy at all and just put legitimate customers at risk.

Those intending to buy the new Xbox console when it launches will have been pleased to hear that a previously reported requirement to have a constant Internet connection for all gameplay has been dismissed.

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4 user comments

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27.5.2013 14:51

Yeesh, The Sims is more likely to have in-app or in game purchases with all the little nickel and dime items. The reason I'll never play SimCity is due to that, I want the full game I paid for not a basic building set that I can "add" to by buying content they probably had created long before the game was finished.

37.5.2013 15:59

Great turn it off for Sim City now.

48.5.2013 15:22

I see they learned from their mistakes. I am also glad to hear that xbox didn't go this way either. I haven't played sim games forever, but I do agree with what you are saying Qliphah. Too many game companies cut parts of their games off and sell it back to you later as dlc. I remember the old days, when you bought a game you actually got the whole game.

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