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FIFA might drop 3D coverage for World Cup 2014

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 24 Jun 2013 1:48 User comments (2)

FIFA might drop 3D coverage for World Cup 2014 The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is considering dropping 3D broadcasts of World Cup 2014, to be hosted by Brazil next summer.
Its unease about 3D broadcasts comes just days after ESPN revealed it will abandon 3D broadcasts altogether. ESPN found that there simply wasn't enough viewers in the United States to make continued investment in 3D broadcasts worthwhile.

"We know that the technology has had a few setbacks in recent days, if you refer to some of the statements by (ESPN)," Niclas Ericson, FIFA's director of television, said on Wednesday.

"It's clear when a big sports broadcaster like ESPN makes an announcement like that it creates a lot of extra tension (for the technology)."

Only an estimated 6 percent of household TVs in the United States can show 3D programming. Consumer demand for 3D has cooled largely due to costs associated with 3D, and the inconvenience of using active shutter glasses.

Nevertheless, FIFA has questioned rights holders about their interest in 3D coverage of the World Cup next year. Ericson said there is still some interest from broadcasters, but that FIFA was still reviewing the cost of it.

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2 user comments

124.6.2013 16:10

No desire to jump on 3D bandwagon. The idea that you have to wear ridiculous glasses while watching TV...SMH And what if you wanna have a 3D Super Bowl party? Silly glasses for you and all your friends! -No thanks

224.6.2013 22:57

I have very different prescriptions for each eye; while my depth perception is fine, TV/movie 3D ain't so 3D, and furthermore, causes me to have serious headaches from the eyestrain. If 3D display tech that requires glasses (whether active or passive) didn't reduce visible light to each eye by exactly 50%, this might not be such an issue.

It's not just me. Everyone in my family, lousy vision or not, refers to 3D as "Super Headache Mode". It can't die off fast enough for me.

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