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Schematics leak for next-gen iPad

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 Jun 2013 16:35

Schematics leak for next-gen iPad The accurate French tech rumor site NowhereElse has reported on alleged leaked blueprints/schematics for the upcoming next-generation iPad.
In their report (translated), the site says the new iPad "should be less bulky than the current iPad 4 or iPad Retina and has a design modeled on that of the iPad Mini."

The iPad Mini has arguably the nicest look of any tablet on the market, and one of the thinnest frames.

Finally, the site compares the schematic to the current generation iPads and you can see more subtle curves, as well. The device is expected to launch in October with a quad-core A6 processor and a 12MP camera.

Check all the pics at the source.

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