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PayPal shuts off VPN iPredator, freezes assets

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 24 Jul 2013 8:48 User comments (6)

PayPal shuts off VPN iPredator, freezes assets PayPal has unceremoniously cut off the popular VPN provider iPredator.
The anonymity service that was started by a Pirate Bay co-founder, can no longer accept payments through PayPal, and the company has had all of its assets frozen for the next 180 days.

Although PayPal did not specify why the service was banned, it follows the recent news that iPredator's credit card processor Payson has stopped doing business with all VPN services.

"It's not a coincidence that we are banned from Payson, and then PayPal a few weeks after," noted Sunde.

PayPal has long taken a hard stance against BitTorrent sites, Usenet providers and cyberlockers but today's news may suggest that VPNs are now on the list.

Perhaps worse for the site is the fact that other credit card processors do not appear to be coming forward to take Payson's place: "One processor we talked with, to replace Payson, told us that we were on a blacklist of services that are prohibited to accept credit cards. This apparently happened shortly after Payson announced it could no longer process MasterCard and Visa payments for VPN providers," Sunde explained (via TF).

iPredator still accepts BitCoins.

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6 user comments

125.7.2013 06:44

iPredator still accepts BitCoins.

I was just about to say this looks like a job for Bitcoin. :-D

225.7.2013 20:11

Why am I not surprised, VPN were growing in popularity with all the blatant privacy invasions and legal threats all over the world, as governments and their big business owners move to assault the free web. iPredator is the VPN of my choice, and I kept telling them for years to adopt alternative payment channels.

I'll stick my foot up your ass.

326.7.2013 17:13

Originally posted by greghitch:
interpretation is 9/10s of the law. paypal's terms prevent the sale of adult or violent content yet that did not stop paypal as of last june to secretly break their own terms and move aggressively into adult online. check this out www.i' edited by ddp... money grab? bad move whatever it is.
Yeah......your blogspot reference has a great deal of world-renowned credibility......NOT! Don't use incredulous sources to make your statement more credible.
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427.7.2013 12:31

spammer spammed

529.7.2013 00:10

you know what i find is funny they can still create bull companys with legal items to sell then include pass codes and serial numbers in e-mail to unlock pro vpn features on another site its called bait and switch morons for a reason

more credit card companys will be stupid

63.8.2013 01:51

It's the commie American movie industry causing all of this shit and ruining the internet.

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