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Apple, Samsung took 103 percent of smartphone industry profits

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Aug 2013 7:54 User comments (3)

Apple, Samsung took 103 percent of smartphone industry profits According to Canaccord, Apple took 53 percent of the smartphones industry's profits during the Q2 and Samsung took 50 percent, leaving the rest of the industry to fight for -3 percent.
Samsung has quickly taken share from Apple, which had 69 percent value share as late as 2012.

Rivals Nokia, HTC, LG and Sony saw revenue share of 0 percent for the quarter, while BlackBerry saw -1 percent and Motorola saw -2 percent due to ongoing losses.

Samsung does not detail the exact amount of smartphones sold in any given quarter, so these figures are based on estimates. The company's IT & Mobile division saw a huge $5.64 billion operating profit this quarter, but that includes PC and tablet sales, as well.

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3 user comments

11.8.2013 17:02

How is this possible? You can't "sell more than what you sell"

Number finagling.........phoooey!

21.8.2013 22:40

How is it possible to eat the entire pie including all the crumbs, and still have left overs?

35.8.2013 0:36

I wonder where the author learned his math. Probably US school system!

There can't be anything more than 100 %. Even if it were 10 % it would mean rest of the entire smartphone industry incurred a loss! Believe you me, not a single Chinese manufacturer is incurring any loss!

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