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CBS blacks out full episodes online for Time Warner Cable subscribers

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 04 Aug 2013 5:21 User comments (9)

CBS blacks out full episodes online for Time Warner Cable subscribers

Earlier this week, Time Warner Cable, following a month-long dispute with CBS, dropped the top broadcast network from many of its largest markets.
The companies have been fighting over retransmission fees. Retransmission fees are the money that cable companies pay TV station owners just for the right to broadcast their signals. CBS and Time Warner's existing contract ended in June. Time Warner, in ads played across New York City, say CBS was trying to raise the fee 600 percent.

CBS has taken the fight to a new level, blacking out full streaming episodes on if you have a Time Warner Cable subscription.

Says the broadcaster: If Time Warner Cable is a customer's internet service provider, then their access to CBS full episode content via online and mobile platforms has been suspended as a result of Time Warner Cable's decision to drop CBS and Showtime from their market. As soon as CBS is restored on Time Warner Cable systems in affected markets, that content will be accessible again.

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9 user comments

14.8.2013 18:34

We'll show them! (The Advertisers). Sorry, but there may be times when our content (including your ads) will not be available to certain market segments. We plan on using this content (including your ads) as leverage in any ongoing fee disputes.

Yep, it takes a special kind of stupid to commit a single act and alienate two different client types (advertisers and audience).

This sounds like a great business practice, in a RICO/Mafia sorta way...

Connection reset by phear...

24.8.2013 20:39

Time warner needs to understand something big time!!!

1. great you removed peoples shows but you then create a really bad set of customers customers who basically say go #$%$#@@#$ yourself we will just go satalite

so you have just lost millions of customers good job

35.8.2013 00:32


45.8.2013 08:52

This will just make TW subscribers look for other ways to get their shows like the rest of us who don't bother having cable tv subscription at all. I cut the cord years ago and never looked back.

55.8.2013 10:48

so you have just lost millions of customers good job

Although you would like to think so, that's hardly going to happen. Disputes like this always happen, even across satellite and when it does, people say the same thing and run over to cable. All in all, it balances out, and nobody really loses at the end of the day.

What would happen though is increased piracy.

65.8.2013 11:32

Torrents are such an easy work around. CBS must want ppl to go that route.

77.8.2013 15:29

I was unsure as to who the bad guy was here... I mean if 600% increase is true then CBS is out of line...

But this move makes it clear...
This is a dick move, CBS. I hope everyone learns how to use antennas and Aereo and Time Warner drops your ass like a hot potato.

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

88.8.2013 04:57

Let's see, CBS; you want us to pay you, via increased cable bills, for the tv signal you broadcast FOR FREE over the air? You want more money? S*** M* D***. I'll watch you for free with my simple digital antenna, and just switch my TV feed from cable to antenna. Besides, your TV shows, in general, are horrible.

99.8.2013 15:41

It still amazes me how most of the people I talk to don't realize they can just watch it through an antenna for free. Seriously, people, it's free and in widescreen HD. Most of the time it's a better picture and sound because the cable/satellite companies usually compress the signal resulting in degradation.

babysatan will rip your soul...

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