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Samsung wants Tizen operating system on all kinds of devices

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 07 Aug 2013 8:21 User comments (5)

Samsung wants Tizen operating system on all kinds of devices Samsung appears to have high hopes for its Tizen operating system, even though the OS has been delayed a number of times and is still not available on a commercial device.
Co-CEO J.K. Shin says Tizen is much more than just a pet project, and that the company envisions it on Android, vehicles, tablets and other industries.

"There are many convergences not only among IT gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and cameras, but also among different industries like cars, bio, or banks," Shin added. "Cross-convergence is the one [area] Samsung can do best since we do have various parts and finished products."

Intel and Samsung have jointly developed the Tizen standard, and developer support has been growing since launch at the MWC event in February.

Tizen is important to Samsung as it represents an alternative to Android and a system that Samsung can control.

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5 user comments

17.8.2013 21:32

For some reason "open-source, cross-platform device" sounds a lot like Ubuntu...

28.8.2013 09:14

Does the world really need another mobile device operating system? Android and iOS are the two dominant players. Blackberry is trying to push their new OS. Microsoft is doing the same with their mobile Windows 8. I don't think developers are going to want to support another platform. Users will always go where there are good apps available.

39.8.2013 12:09

two major players is good, three is pushing it.. dont do it samsung, unless you make sure your devices can be hacked to run android hehehe.

410.8.2013 00:16

For your information Windows probably is the oldest operating system on mobile phones incorporating more than rudimentary PDA functions. iPaq phone by Compaq IMHO could standup to anything in the market today. In their wisdom M$ dropped support for MIPS processor which hastened the demise of Casio lineup.

510.8.2013 00:31

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