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Windows 8.1 coming in October

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 13 Aug 2013 0:08 User comments (3)

Windows 8.1 coming in October According to sources, Microsoft will release the final version of Windows 8.1 to the public in October.
The company is said to be testing near-RTM versions of the operating system and in fact, many of the newer builds have leaked recently. Those builds, however, remain quite buggy.

Partners and OEMs will receive the RTM later this month, and the delay until October will give them enough time to work on drivers and testing compatibility with existing and new systems.

The highly-anticipated update to the operating system is said to also be launching alongside new 7 and 8-inch tablets

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3 user comments

113.8.2013 5:32

Yeah, let me know when Windows 9 is ready and they throw away all the crap from Windows 8!

216.8.2013 11:43

Consumers already have to wade through a myriad of daily updates just to use Windows, which gets worse with every release. While you're waiting to finally finish, the reason you turned on your computer in the first place fades as you wait and wait for update downloads, install the updates, reboot and then wait for the system to stabilize ... all so you can send an e-mail.

Charming approach to an operating system.

316.8.2013 14:07

Win8 = Bloatware. Im still using XP. If I decide to upgrade, Im not going past Win7 Ultimate.

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