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Xbox One to ship November 22nd

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Sep 2013 17:30 User comments (5)

Xbox One to ship November 22nd Microsoft has finally announced the release date of the Xbox One console.
The system will go on sale on November 22nd, a week after the PlayStation 4 does in the U.S. and Canada.

Gamers in the UK, Ireland, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and NZ will see the console on the 22nd, at a cost of $499 /499 / 429. Notably missing is Japan, which the Xbox 360 bombed in, but is a large territory for gamers as a whole.

Microsoft has called the release a "global launch" although the initial rollout was supposed to be larger. "Many more markets" will receive the console next year, adds Microsoft Xbox boss Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb.

The company also confirmed that the console is in full production and that the processor clock speed has been tweaked to 1.75GHz from 1.6GHz. "It means that the processing power to make those games that we've been showing off at Gamescom that already look great will look even better," corporate marketing VP Yusuf Mehdi added.

Buyers will receive the console, Kinect 2.0, a headset and one wireless gamepad.

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5 user comments

14.9.2013 20:50

I think both of their consoles had overheating issues at launch, no? Not a huge increase or anything but they're kinda asking for it lol

***\\\//****\\\ ****\\\****

24.9.2013 21:50

let's see here no venting for the hard drive heat processor heat blu-ray drive heat so failure of heat yep

35.9.2013 2:50

mmmm? why did they feel the need to increase the processor speed? was it a last minute discovery that the games wouldn't run as smooth as they expected?

I'll be waiting for the slim versions of both the Xbox and PS4, they are too (purposefully) huge at the moment.

ZX Spectrum 128K

48.9.2013 13:32

I'll wait till 22-Nov-14 for Xbox One dot One...

58.9.2013 19:23

since when does $499US equal 499Euros as $499 is 379.02Euros or 319.21 pound sterling?

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